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Why Service Your Burglar Alarm?

If you have an alarm that needs servicing, we can offer you solutions at one off costs to you, even if the alarm was not installed by us. We can also repair or replace parts of the system to get it up and running.

  • Regular servicing helps to maintain the performance of an alarm system
  • Fitted home alarms provide alarm maintenance services for residential properties
  • Regular servicing of an alarm system ensures the systems reliability and durability
  • Most alarms only need servicing once a year
  • Sensible and cost effective to have regular alarm services done than to have breakdown repairs

What does our Alarm Servicing Package Include?

  • Check history of alarm system since last maintenance service
  • Visual inspection of all major alarm components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check and walk test all detectors
  • Check satisfactory operation of manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons
  • Check and test remote signalling equipment (where appropriate)
  • Adjust as necessary
  • Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply)
  • Retrain the users on the use of the alarm system (if required)
  • Return the alarm system to operational status

Alarm Repairs in Leeds

Alarm systems are made of electronic components which may develop faults for a variety of reasons including lack of maintenance. A home alarm system that was deprived of maintenance will eventually result in repeated false alarms, sometimes during the night, to the annoyance of the residents and a nuisance to the neighbours. To avoid expensive alarm repair costs and for peace of mind, we recommend alarm servicing and maintenance on a regular basis.

Our alarm engineers have vast knowledge of most of the burglar alarm panels. We can repair your alarm or upgrade the system even if it was installed by another company.

So what are you waiting for?

Our cameras and alarms can all be controlled from one central app. Upgrade your security by contacting us about one of our systems.  To help you secure your property, residents of retirement age get 10% off our solutions.

We provide a range of CCTV Cameras whether it’s a Dome, Network / IP CCTV Camera and Wireless CCTV. Contact us today.

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