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Security Burglar Alarms Woodlesford

Your Local Burglar Alarm Installers in Woodlesford

Local CCTV Companies in WoodlesfordBurglar alarms and security systems can safeguard your business, home and property providing peace of mind, especially if installed by a qualified, experienced and trusted burglar alarm company. Smart Signal specialises in providing reliable and effective burglar alarm systems that will last.

We cover all aspects of security systems on both commercial and residential properties. Should you require installation, service or maintenance on any intruder alarm system in the Woodlesford area our team of expert burglar alarm installers can provide professional and trusted security system installations.

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Professional Burglar Alarm Installations Woodlesford

Our team of fully trained and qualified burglar alarm installers provide a range of Intruder Alarms, and CCTV that have been designed to meet the needs and requirements of individuals and businesses for over 35 years. Our high level of expertise allows us to design and install Commercial and Residential Intruder alarm systems at affordable prices.

Burglar alarms designed for your individual requirements.

Whilst basic goals for security are the same for everyone, individual needs are not. Our objective is to ensure that the burglar alarm system we install for you is:

  • Designed to ensure it causes a minimum of change in your day to day routine
  • Installed with a minimum of inconvenience and disturbance
  • Can be used easily by all authorised users
  • Most alarms only need servicing once a year

Burglar Alarm Installations Near Me in Woodlesford

Smart Signal have installed, serviced and maintained intruder alarms, CCTV and entry systems across Yorkshire for years and specialise in the following types of security system:

  • Wired Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Monitored Alarm Systems
  • Audible (Bell Only) Alarms
  • Detectors and Sounders

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Quality Woodlesford burglar alarm installers

To get the right burglar alarm installation that suits your requirements, it all starts with the survey. Our free no obligation risk assessment and survey are carried out by experienced technicians/engineers, who are actively involved in installing and servicing alarm and security systems and are fully qualified to carry out an accompanied assessment of your premises and your individual needs.

We then select the most appropriate equipment based on the risk factor for the property and your own or insurers specific requirements.

How much does burglar alarm cost to install?

We believe our customers are not necessarily looking for a “cheap” option but do expect a quality alarm system at a competitive, reasonable and acceptable cost with superior after sales.

Woodlesford Wired burglar alarm experts

Traditionally, alarm systems have been wired, either as a retrofit installation to an existing property or as part of the build specification on a new property.

Wiring comprises of a multicore cable linking the alarm central processing unit to a variety of periphery devices and detectors. These cables carry a voltage of 12V and incorporate several detection circuits, sometimes measuring the resistance of a cable in order to establish the type of alarm generated.

All will carry a tamper detection circuit for added security. Individual battery-powered detectors are not needed on a fully wired system although a standby battery is fitted to both the main panel and the external sounder to continually power the alarm system giving you peace of mind that you’re always protected even though the majority of power cuts.

Effectiveness wise, there is very little to choose between a wired system and a wireless system in terms of reliability and performance and with our years of experience and expertise, we will always fit the best-wired burglar alarm for your needs.

Local Woodlesford wireless burglar alarm installers

Over the years wireless systems have evolved to become extremely reliable with very long battery life in comparison with the early versions. Reliability is now as good as wired systems, sometimes better.

Typical battery life will be up to 2-3 years and sometimes longer although we do recommend replacement every 2 years. Some devices are shorter life expectancy, such as smoke detectors, but we will advise at the time of survey and again at installation.

The main benefit of wireless apart from speed of installation and no cables, is virtually total lack of inconvenience during the install stage. No carpets to be lifted, furniture moved and very little disturbance in your day to day life, allowing you to carry on with work etc whilst we fit your new alarm.

Can I add a wireless alarm extension to a wired security system?

Yes, depending on the current system, adding wireless devices is easily achievable either through a stand-alone receiver wired into spare circuits on the original panel or by changing the panel to a hybrid version. The latter is the best option as it provides a higher degree of security as elements such as “jamming” or low signal can be communicated directly to the keypad to advise of status.

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